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 A Place to Belong...

Living in the mist of American culture and in these troubled times, many of us are searching for a place where we feel at home and can find comfort. We wrestle with issues of life such as relationships, money, self-discipline, insecurity and fear in our search for peace and significance. We weren't meant to walk through life alone; and true growth, spiritual and personal, often take place in loving, supportive, grace-giving, truth-telling relationships - like those found in small groups.
Life change happens when you take the time to connect with people who really care about you. Sharing your stories,challenges and victories allows others to see the real you and gives them opportunities to help you get to that next level with God.
In our church there are a few already established groups for children and youth. There is a group of women who meet together every other Wednesday night for Bible study and to encourage each other.
Men in our church are meeting every month to have a Saturday breakfast together, studying God's word and share experiences.
The Sunday Bible study in our church is divided in several clases mainly age based.
Knowing that meeting in small groups during the week is the best way to build strong relationships, we encourage every member of our congregation to be part of one of the existing groups.

Please take a look at the table below where all the groups are listed and if you are not already part of a small group, we hope you'll find a place to belong.

Group name Group leader Contact info
Awana Alina Nicoara  
Youth Ariel Cocian  
Women Bible Study group Ellie Niculas
Ana Maxim

Teofil Cocian
Cristian Cocian

Sunday School groups for adults
Adults 1 Marcel Niculas, Nelu Popa  
Adults 2 Emanuel Faur  
Young Couples group Daniel Tuple  

It's also worth mentioning the praise and worship teams who work hard to delight us with their beutiful hymns and to bring praises playing different instruments in the church Brass band and orchestra.

Worship Team Conductors
Church choir Cristian Cocian
Stefan Sirb
Mircea Tonea
Daniel Tuple
Men's choir Emil Neiconi
Youth choir Ariel Cocian
Brass Band Liviu Mocuta
Orchestra Ionel Pataca
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